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Glynn Forsythe is the editor of New Historian. After earning biology degrees from Manchester and Glasgow Universities in the UK he decided scientific research was not for him. Glynn then moved into the publishing industry with Forgotten Books, where his love of books and constant reading serve him well. Glynn has published a scientific paper on African parasites, as well as a book teaching beginners tactics for the board game Go. He currently lives in Australia with his wife. In his spare time he runs a school teaching the Brazilian martial art capoeira, which he plays and trains whenever possible. He is happiest when performing a cartwheel or reading a book, but is yet to successfully combine these activities. His favourite part of history is found in the (often humorous) local tales and legends found in every part of the world. While not matching the scope of larger historical events they reveal that every place has some unique characters that leave a mark for the next generations.

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