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First Archaeology Institute Established in Scotland


<![CDATA[The first archaeological institute has finally been established in Scotland by the University of Highlands and Islands. The institute has planned to further advance the understanding of the country’s historic environment by creating and interpreting archaeological knowledge. The rich and diverse archaeological heritage that the country has to offer also provides the perfect backdrop for the archaeological institute to expand and develop its knowledge. The institute is developed from the Archaeology Department at Orkney College, UHI, and also consists of teaching staff who are based out of the Western Isles and Shetland. Considered to be the first of its kind in Scotland, the archaeological institute aims to provide the country with a world-class hub that creates the perfect environment for outstanding archaeological research, learning of the country’s historical heritage and university education. The archaeology institute is also being supported by the Robertson Trust, a charitable organization that funds projects across Scotland. Other entities backing the development of the Archaeology Institute include the Orkney Islands Council and Highlands and Islands Enterprise. According to Professor Clive Mulholland, the vice-chancellor and principal of the University of the Highlands and Islands, the new Archaeology Institute shall help to further archaeological research, not just in the area, but also across the country and internationally. He further states that the Institute plans to create an international center of excellence which shall try to support the local and regional communities in exploring and promoting their heritage. Professor Mulholland believes that the high standards of archaeological research and forward thinking that has been established by the teaching and research staff of the university should also allow the archaeology institute to leave its mark on the global platform. The ORCA (Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology) provides heritage services and professional archaeological services to the northern parts of Scotland. University staff estimate that a combination of expertise that the ORCA and the Archaeology Institute have to offer should offer students with an unparalleled experience of applied and practical archaeology and it should also help in furthering world class research in Scotland. Dr. Bill Ross, the principal of the Orkney College UHI, states that he is delighted to see the Archaeology institute finally being established and is particularly pleased with the role that the staff of the Orkney College UHI had to play in its development. He further says that the Highlands and Islands have some of the finest archaeological sites in Europe and a dedicated archaeological research and teaching center was long overdue. The fact that the Highlands and Islands are home to world renowned Neolithic stone settlements, stone circles and tombs, Pictish and Viking settlements and Iron Age brochs also made the establishment of the Archaeological Institute an extremely important affair. With so much of archaeology on offer, the institute is expected to carry out significant research into the various sites in the region and their staff are expected to provide expert assistance to archaeological projects all over the world. ]]>

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