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Another Incredible Bog Body Found in Ireland

Old Map of Ireland

<![CDATA[Researchers from the National Museum of Ireland will soon date a body recently found in a bog. It is the second bog body to be found in the Midlands Bog in the last two years. The remains consist of an adult's leg and foot bones with some flesh still on them. The researchers say that the discovery will help explain the lives and belief systems held by the ancient inhabitants of Ireland. The discovery was made by workers of the Irish company Bord na Móna, who happened on the remains and referred them to the National Museum. The most recent body was found close to where "Moydrum man" was unearthed, the remains of a Bronze Age man that have been dated to between 700 and 400 BC. Other Irish bog bodies have been found in recent times, including the 'Old Croghan Man' and the 'Cloncycavan man', which are on display in the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibit at the National Museum of Ireland. Bog bodies like these were buried in cold, acidic, and oxygen-free conditions under peat bogs. The peat bogs basically mummified the corpses, reducing the rate of decay. This is why these bog bodies are so fascinating and informative. Before the remains of the recent discovery were moved, they were closely examined. More tests are set to be carried out on the body to determine its gender and age. Leading the project is Maeve Sikora. He thanked the Bord na Móna personnel for quickly reporting the find and providing assistance at the site. The body has been taken to the National Museum of Ireland's conservation laboratory where the tests will be done. Each bog body has its own unique story - the Old Croghan man died between 362 BC and 175 BC. He was found in a bog beneath Croghan Hill, hence the name. He was very tall, measuring up to 6 feet and 6 inches in height. Experts believe that he must have been a rich man as he had well-manicured hands and a meat rich diet. All of this information was determined from tests done on his nails. Tests done on his stomach found that it contained cereals and milk, which were probably his last meal. The Clonycavan man was much smaller in stature, measuring only 5 feet and 2 inches. His upper body and torso were the only parts preserved. Based on carbon dating, he is thought to have lived between 392 BC and 201 BC. Interestingly, his hair contained an early form of hair gel. The Old Croghan and Clonycavan men were both subject to cruel deaths, and it is speculated that the Midlands Bog man may have suffered a similar fate. A study published in Archaeology Magazine in 2010 stated that "these men may have been failed kings or failed candidates for kingship, who were killed and placed in bogs and formed important tribal boundaries."]]>

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