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New Historian is the place for all the most recent news about history. Founded by historical publisher Forgotten Books we aim to bring you all the latest findings from around the world, mixed in with articles on the most interesting events and characters from the past.

Our international team of writers (see the contributors’ page) work tirelessly to find new developments in archaeology and our understanding of history, as well as news of surrounding issues such as conservation or education.

Everyone at New Historian shares a passion for history, we hope our audience does too. We believe that societies must understand their past in order to have a clear vision of where they will go in the future. We believe that historical traces left by our ancestors are often fragile and must be protected and studied before they are lost forever. By sharing the latest findings with the world we hope to both educate and inspire, and give this fascinating study of the past the attention it deserves.

Trust: New Historian does its best to provide an unbiased, apolitical viewpoint. You can trust us to tell you the truth to the very best of our ability. No one can be right all the time (although we try!), but we guarantee that if developments mean we have to change our view on a subject you will hear about it.

If you have an article you think would interest our readers, or would like to write one on your area of expertise, please contact us and we’ll discuss featuring it on the NewHistorian.com site.

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