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New Historian mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Phone and Android Tablet publish breaking news of the latest discoveries in history, archaeology and anthropology. News articles and editorials are released several times per day, Monday to Saturday by our in-house team of journalists. All of this is available to you in the New Historian app; free and ad-free.

Expand your knowledge of the ancient and modern world by keeping up-to-date with important events in history and interesting historical facts. We have published recent stories on a range of relevant historical topics, including: King Richard III, Ancient Egypt, history of the United States of America, Chinese Emperors, origins of man, Viking conquests, and the list goes on.

Examples of Recent Articles to Date:
+ Forensic Expert Claims Vincent van Gogh Was Murdered
+ 7000 Terracotta Warriors Could Be Unique
+ Rubbish in North Carolina Mound Reveals Ancient Secrets
+ The Last Brazilian Emperor
+ 5th November – Guy Fawkes; the Politics Behind the Effigy
+ Thomas Edison and the Birth of Electric Light
+ Remembering and Revaluating 1066
+ Hong Kong – A History Between Democracy and Imperialism
+ The Founding of the Jesuits
+ Ebola and a History of Understanding Epidemics
+ China and Japan – A Tense History
+ Looking Back on Columbus and the New World
+ Russia, Ukraine and Crimea

Examples of Book Reviews to Date:
+ Candide
+ Moby Dick
+ Rousseau’s ‘the Social Contract’
+ Sense and Sensibility
+ The Origin of Species
+ The Manifesto of the Communist Party
+ Utopia
+ The Prince
+ H.G. Wells – A Short History of the World
+ Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People
+ Plato’s Republic
+ The History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire

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Our promise to you: at New Historian we do our best to provide an unbiased, apolitical viewpoint. You can trust us to tell you the truth to the very best of our ability. If you see a mistake in any of our articles please tell us so we can publish a correction.

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