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    Please clarify your statement “Since the text is very similar to the suras read today, it supports the theory that the holy book of Islam has not altered in any significant way since the time of the original revelations which it is believed to be based on.” The major pillar if the Islamic faith is the proof that the Holy Quran has not been altered by a single letter, and your statement is clearly hinting on the notion that they are “very similar” and “not altered in any significant way”. How did you reach to this conclusion and on what facts or comparitive information do you have to be able state these comments on. For the muslim’s faith it’s a black or white scenario, and you can’t have an even 0.1% grey discrepency. It’s either identical or there will be a monumental destruction in the basis and autheticity of the belief or an investigation needs to be made into the again authenticty of the manuscript found. Please clarify, or provide comparative reference data or ammend your statements that give ambiguity to the Holy books authentic heritage which is the pillar of the religions existance till this day.

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    What’s happened to my comment?! I don’t think I said anything that requires all this time for moderation. It’s sad that you claim that you’re a passionate source of facts from history and you don’t have the professional sense to see that I had a point that is worth publishing or send me a reply just for the sake of decency.

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      Comment moderation can take some time – we have an awful lot of incoming spam and a very small team. Please be patient!
      While we have not read the manuscript ourselves we base the statements you object to on the researcher’s statement that “little or no alteration” had occurred. If you would like to check it for yourself it will be on display at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts in Birmingham, UK, during October.

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