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    Brian Keith O'Hara

    Windy Cahill was 6’2″ and 225 lbs. and a bully. He liked picking fights, especially of people a lot younger and smaller than he was. Henry “Billy the Kid” McCarty was a 5’8″ and 138 lbs. orphan. Windy Cahill beat the crap out of Henry repeatedly. He didn’t need a reason and never offered one. He just didn’t like the orphan and went out of his way to show it by tormenting and terrorizing the kid. By the way, almost historians disagree with Henry being born in 1859. Pat Garrett said that so Henry would have been 21 when he shot the Kid. Henry was probably born in late 1860 or early 1861.
    Judge Judy had a similar case:
    A 16-year-old bully and athlete weighing about 200lbs was on the Judge Judy Show. He had been waiting for a train at a train station when he noticed a slight, skinny kid of 15 with his girlfriend on the platform. He walked up to the boy and said that he heard “you’ve been talking trash about me”. The boy responded, no, he wasn’t, that he didn’t even know who the bully was. Then the bully sucker punched the boy and sent him to the ground. He then proceeded to kick the boy repeatedly. What he didn’t know was that the girlfriend had a knife in her purse for self protection. She told the bully to stop. He wouldn’t and she stabbed him in the chest. Both boys were taken to the hospital, the bully needed surgery. Judge Judy, said that if you are a bully, then you should be afraid that anyone could have a knife or gun to defend themselves.
    Judge Judy gave the boy who had been beaten $5,000 and the bully nothing on his counter suit. The bully’s mother was shocked, but shouldn’t have been, because all he got was justice.

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