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    Luis A. F. v.Wetzler

    The DNA studies and tests which were carried out twenty years ago, were more than enough, there is no doubt that the bones found near Ekaterinburg, were those of HIM Tsar Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra, three of their daughters Olga, Tatyana and Anastasia and even from Doctor Eugene Botkin the personal physician to the Imperial family and three others who were murdered the very same day in a wood just 5 miles away of the city, Prince Vassily Dolgorukov, General Aid-de-Camp Count Tatischev, and Countess Anastasia Borisovna Hendrikov, lady in waiting to the Empress. This new study is completely absurd, is politically motivated and is part of the war between Maria Vladimirovna Romanov, who is not a Russian Grand Duchess at all and the rest of the family living abroad.

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