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    There is another theory that water is constantly being CREATED within the earth and is released to the surface via the springs that appear all over the earth which are NOT tied to the rainfall cycle – deuterium is used to identify this ‘special’ water – I forget whether it’s there or not there in this type of water.
    If this theory IS true, there will never be a real water shortage because we just have to find the location of where this water gets generated and release more of it – example of this is water that appears in a spring high up in a mountain with no explanation for it’s origins.

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      That’s a curious theory, but geologists have explained why mountain springs occur pretty thoroughly. Interestingly even if your theory is not true we will never “run out” of water because the Earth contains about as much now as it has ever done. We’d just have to extract the salt or other reason it is undrinkable.

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