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    Rick Walker

    I do favor and support and I am promoting the reformation of the old southern confederation but with out the slavery, racism, and segregation bullshit,!!!,,,,,,, And like most of you I to did once love this union, but when five unelected federal judges on a so called supreme court can just strip away a peoples/states vote on a constitutional amendment to there on states constitution banning this nonsense of gay marriage by a vote of 75% yes to a 25% no vote!!!,,,,,,, Well them if they can just strip away mine and my peoples vote like it don’t matter no more! then I say to hell with your dammed liberal infested corrupted federal government and I wont no more part of it! The union is Dead! Long live the southern confederacy of free and Sovereign STATES! Deo Vindice!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Martin Waters

    This article fails to place anywhere near enough emphasis on the role played by the issue of slavery in creating the North-South division. It was the fundamental reason for the war, notwithstanding all the obfuscation offered up by historians and apologists over the past 150 years.

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    Moore Bacon

    I really doubt the South was as dependent on negroes as you imagine. We just didn’t want them put over us, like the Affirmative Action of today’s USA.

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    Lee Jackson

    Jefferson Davis was from Kentucky. Born and raised in western Kentucky. He did fight but was NOT from Mississippi as afore mentioned. And Lincoln was from Kentucky as well, born and raised NOT from Illinois as so many believe.

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