Adam Steedman ThakeAdam Steedman Thake

Adam graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in History and wrote for university publications as a student. Writing for the New Historian allows him to continue combining two of the things he enjoys most: learning and writing about the past. During university, he specialised in drawing links between medieval and modern societies as he enjoys discovering similarities between different time-periods and cultures. In his spare time, Adam enjoys reading for knowledge and pleasure. He takes pleasure in the creativity and ingenuity of humans, both past and present. He is also a keen cricketer and attempts to play whenever the weather allows. Often, he has to explain cricket to those with no knowledge of it, with varying success.

Amy Smith

Amy Beringer Smith

Amy is primarily interested in cultural and social history; particularly the ways trends are formed within a given community. She’s especially intrigued by cultural trends that tie in with the social perceptions of gender, sex and sexuality. She has a Bachelor’s degree in History of Art from the University of York, which focused on the ways 20th century artists challenged the past. Now, she is continuing her studies with a Masters in History at the University of Bristol. When she’s not reading and writing, Amy uses travel as a way to better understand different cultures. Having briefly worked as a freelance travel writer in Korea, she is now learning Hangul as a first step towards exploring Korean communication.

Daryl WorthingtonDaryl Worthington

Daryl has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Royal Holloway University of London. He has always had a strong interest in writing, particularly about history, politics, the environment or culture. Originally from London, he currently lives in Riga, Latvia. Alongside history he has a strong interest in environmental and political issues. He enjoys travelling, slowly learning how to speak Latvian and exploring the country’s distinct culture. His other passion is music. He has worked as a writer on the subject, as well as being a musician himself. Daryl is interested in cultural, social and political history. He is fascinated by the role of cultural objects, whether novels, visual arts, events, music or even a past society’s reading of history, as means to reflect on times and people. His particular period of interest is modern history and he is keenly interested in the relationship between mainstream and counter cultures.

Irina SlavIrina Slav

Irina has a BA in English literature and linguistics from Sofia University and is definitely more partial to the former than the latter. She spent ten years working in the news industry, most of them specialising in business and finance. Convinced that there is much more to life than reporting on financial results and analysing the latest trends in mining or oil, she decided to start freelancing full time, writing on a host of fascinating topics, from gender equality to 3D printing. Although she did two years of Modern History in college, taking a special interest in the Middle East, she is much more interested in ancient civilizations, in how people used to live thousands of years ago, and how far we’ve gone since then. Or maybe not so far. When she’s not writing articles she indulges in her reading addiction, preferably against a music background, writes fantasy short stories, and does jigsaw puzzles with her four-year-old daughter.

David DeMarDavid DeMar

David has a Master of Arts in English Literature from the State University of New York at New Paltz, where he specialized in the Anglo-Saxon period prior to the Norman invasion of 1066. A professional freelance writer and fiction author, he currently lives in the Adirondack State Park with his wife and daughter. David’s favorite historical period is 10th century England.

Sarah CarrascoSarah Carrasco

Sarah Carrasco is a full time student at the University of North Texas, where she will be graduating in 2015 with her B.A. for English/Creative Writing. She works part time at a video production company working as an Assistant Producer during live events. She has been freelance writing for about a year now with a specialty in creative projects. Sarah plays roller derby in her free time for the North Texas Derby Revolution and hopes to compete nationally someday. Her favorite subjects to discuss in history mainly revolve around the WWII era. She is fascinated with unusual facts about history and loves to explore various theories about history and space.

Matthew QuestMatthew Quest

Matthew Quest received his PhD in American Studies at Brown University and his MA in African Studies from University of Illinois at Urbana. He has taught most recently at Georgia State University and specializes in American History, World History, and Africana Studies. In recent years he has published scholarly articles and reviews on C.L.R. James, the subject of his doctoral dissertation, in Insurgent Notes and The CLR James Journal, the review of the Caribbean Philosophical Association. He has recently published two edited volumes for which he has written scholarly introductions: Ida B Wells’s Lynch Law in Georgia & Other Writings and Joseph Edwards’s Workers Self-Management in the Caribbean. His favorite part of history is inquiring about the post-civil rights, post-independence colonial moment in the African and Third Worlds.

Glynn ForsytheGlynn Forsythe

Glynn Forsythe is the editor of New Historian. After earning biology degrees from Manchester and Glasgow Universities in the UK he decided scientific research was not for him. Glynn then moved into the publishing industry with Forgotten Books, where his love of books and constant reading serve him well. Glynn has published a scientific paper on African parasites, as well as a book teaching beginners tactics for the board game Go. He currently lives in Australia with his wife. In his spare time he runs a school teaching the Brazilian martial art capoeira, which he plays and trains whenever possible. He is happiest when performing a cartwheel or reading a book, but is yet to successfully combine these activities. His favourite part of history is the glory and horrors of the colonial era, when European powers vied for dominance while committing atrocities abroad in the name of empire. He is amazed at societies’ ability to display both the best and worst of human behaviour.

Lloyd MillerLloyd Miller

Lloyd Miller is an online freelancer and writer. He is a Jamaican native, and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica. Lloyd has varied interests, with him working in the fields of science, information technology and music. He enjoys listening to classical music and other modern forms of music, and likes keeping up with the latest technological gadgets. His favourite part of history is the Rennaisance Era, as advances in music and the arts and science were a big part of that era. He would’ve loved to have been acquainted with the great scientists, composers, artists and philosophers of the time.

Tajirul HaqueTajirul Haque

Tajirul Haque completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Administration from Khulna University. In his early years at the university he started working as a freelance writer, and discovering a great passion for writing he continued writing online even after completing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He has experience writing in many different niches such as history, travel, recycling, online marketing, business education, insurance, entrepreneurship and sports.

From his childhood, having a great love of cricket, he wanted to be a professional cricket player. This makes watching cricket matches his most favorite pastime, and he has profound knowledge about the history of cricket. Watching movies, travelling beautiful countryside, and cooking traditional Bangladeshi foods are some of his other hobbies.

His favorite part of history is the Elizabethan times. The world was opening up and it was the high point of the age of exploration. He would have loved to be an explorer going off the edge off the map and considers the Virgin Queen a fascinating character.

Ginger PeralesGinger Perales - New Historian writer

When Ginger’s original dream of writing the next great American novel didn’t quite work out, she turned her thoughts to math and science. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, after which she spent 18 years employed with a city public works department which allowed her to write the great American mortgage check. But that’s all behind her now (except for the mortgage) since she seized the opportunity to start a freelance writing career – can the novel be far behind?

She lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with her husband of 26 years (talk about history!) and when not at the computer enjoys cheering for her favorite football teams, home improvement projects and a good mystery novel. Her favorite points in History are those when engineering had a profound effect on the people of the time, from the Roman aqueduct of Segovia, c. C.E. 50, to the Panama Canal, c. 1914, to whatever’s next.


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