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    David Billings

    The bones in the reference were found in 1940 by a British District Officer named Gallagher. The bones were taken to the Medical School in FIJI where they were examined and measured by a New Zealand Doctor named Hoodless. He determined that the bones were Male by the curvature and dimension of the remnant of Pelvic Arch presented. Later, Dr. Jantz and Dr. Burns (Burns was a TIGHAR Member) entered the measurements into a data base which did not have details of Polynesian or Japanese or Arab data and the computer spewed out that the bones were Female, 5 feet 8 inches tall of Nordic origin, ie; a “European Female”. Now who could that be ?

    Now, TIGHAR has noted that the Brachial Index is 0.76, which would be unusual for a European/American woman where the norm is 0.73. However TIGHAR uses measurements from a Photogrammetist named Glickman who dimensioned Earhart’s left arm from a “standing up” photograph, where the exact dimension of the humerus cannot be verified because Earhart is wearing a shirt (not that any other dimension can be accurately plotted either as bones are covered in flesh) so the measurements cannot be verified as accurate. Be that as it may, the brachial index of 0.76 actually goes against the case in that Polynesian, Japanese and possibly Arab forearms also have a brachial index of around 0.76. Ergo, it still behooves TIGHAR to actually “PROVE” that the bines found in 1940 were indeed belonging to Earhart.

    TIGHAR will attempt any means possible to enter the myth that the 1940 bines are Earhart’s. This is just one other attempt to pass off any item found on Nikumaroro (formerly Gardner Island) as coming from Earhart (or Noonan) when there is no concrete evidence of the same. Many biones kay on NIkumaroro, ask the 11 Crewmen that perished on the S.S. Norwich City in 1929 only four of whom were buried in shallow coral graves. Other seamen from the sailing ship days have also been buried there. Not until TIGHAR comes up with “PROOF” can the entire Nikumaroro Hypothesis be accepted and enthused.

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