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    You cannot annex foreign territory what are you talking about. Hawaii never lost its sovereignty and is still an independent nation illegaly occupied by the u.s. military. THERE IS NO TREATY OF ANNEXATION.

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      Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D.

      Treaty of Annexation between the Republic of Hawaii and the United States of America (1898). Full text of the treaty, and of the resolutions whereby the Republic of Hawaii legislature and the U.S. Congress ratified it.

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    Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D.

    Sovereignty activists say the revolution that overthrew the monarchy was illegal, and that the ensuing Republic of Hawaii was not internationally recognized as a nation and therefore had no right to offer a treaty of annexation to the United States. But letters granting full diplomatic recognition to the Republic of Hawaii were personally signed in Fall 1894 by Emperors, Kings, Queens, and Presidents of at least 19 foreign nations on 4 continents written in 11 languages, including Queen Victoria of Britain, President Grover Cleveland, Tsar Alexander III of Russia, the King and Queen of Spain, President of France, Crown Prince of China on behalf of the Emperor, and others. Photographs of letters from all 19 nations are available at
    “Hawaii Statehood — straightening out the history-twisters. A historical narrative defending the legitimacy of the revolution of 1893, the annexation of 1898, and the statehood vote of 1959” at

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