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    Nato didn’t enter voluntary in that crisis,it was forced to enter.Nato members especially the european ones tried all not to be bothered about that matter.History is complicated to be told in few lines…

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    But now its 2015 and Serbia has signed the Brussels agreement saying the only government in Kosovo is the republic of Kosovo, appointing an ambassador dejan pavicevic, border guards and customs agents are between Kosovo and Serbia. Serbia will compete agianst Kosovo in the 2015 European games and the Olympics. 63% of Serbia has recognized Kosovo independence accordion to b92 and ipsos polls. And of course Serbia voters have voted out of parliament the party that put Kosovo in serbias constitution.

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    No, neither are they marked, nor explained.
    (I just wrote my comment, which you discarded.)

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    No mention of depleated uranium shells. How nice.

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    All of which does not bode well for reintigration of separatist regions in the other frozen conflicts in Eastern Europe.

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