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    Fine review. Left out one aspect: did the state response re-establish peace in the city and achieve a kind of societal stability for the state? What kind of real threat were the pied noir, as they were often called? Had the state failed to respond to the influx of Algerians effectively and was facing anarchy once again?
    The idealists, Heaven bless them, really dislike this consideration, as practical realities are often inconvenient for them.
    The pragmatists, the acolytes of real politique, appreciate its practical reality, but hate facing the legal niceties and principles of judgement. They hide from motives like expediency.
    Neither wants to put such an event in its legal and constitutional frameworks. Neither wants to face the shared responsibility for the situation. Each implies if not outright claims purity in motives, objectives and methods. The author’s sympathies are obvious.

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