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    I bet they tasted like Chicken, right up until the last bite.. or maybe more like a Dodo?

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    You’ve only got to look at London Underground railways to find big rats

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    Yet another story talking about human impact. People with a political axe to grind, keep focusing on human causation. But is the theory really true?
    The one thing consistent about our environment, and our weather, is change. We have hard data about temperatures, gas composition and other metrics from ice cores over millions of years.
    To talk about human involvement without hard data makes this theory nothing more than one possibility ….. out of many. It’s entirely likely that a confluence of factors were involved in these changes.

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      Indeed, and the introduction of a new large predator into any environment is guaranteed to have an impact, especially if other factors change at the same time. Let’s not start throwing around claims of politics where we don’t need to, frankly it would be more surprising if human predition didn’t affect an environment.

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