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    Bill Ellson

    “the events leading to his resignation show that he was inextricably linked to the imperial colonialisation of Africa.”
    The simple fact he was an imperial colonialist speaks for itself.
    As for the “horrors of apartheid” Rhodes died in 1902, apartheid was instituted in 1948.
    “The 1892 Franchise and Ballot Act limited the native vote by educational and financial criteria, effectively removing huge swathes from the political process.”
    Really? What was the educational criteria”? Most webpages, apparently copied from other webpages, lack any detail. Books vary, Les Switzer’s South Africa’s Alternative Press: Voices of Protest and Resistance, 1880-1960 says the ability to write name, address & occupation, but Vivian Bickford-Smith’s Ethnic Pride and Racial Prejudice in Victorian Cape Town merely says ability to sign name.
    As for finacial criteria Bickford-Smith says raised from £25 to £75, but Switzer says £50 to £75.
    Perhaps you might be kind as to provide a link to the 1892 Act to clarify the matter.

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