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    Gordon Hervey

    I didn’t really need to know the graphic details about the Cynics. However, a great article. As I recall he was asked to support a leading politician in a court case and refused, because he would have had to perjure himself. His trial (likely to condemn him) was in retribution and instead of fleeing he decided it was the right time to die.

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      I think the cynics masturbated in public to prove their philosophy that if no one is getting hurt and your actions aren’t directly affecting someone else’s pursuit of happiness then they are just laws and traditions that have nothing to do with the virtuous harmonious flow of the universe

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    Warren Taylor

    Looks like he got his wish. Oligarchy is on the rise today.

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    Cynics sound like occupy Wall Street how history repeats itself

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    It’s nor for you solely, Gordon.

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    Comment…he was a great philosopher,the wisest man on earth then even the oracle confirms this.

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