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Adam Steedman Thake

Adam Steedman Thake

Adam graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in History and wrote for university publications as a student. Writing for the New Historian allows him to continue combining two of the things he enjoys most: learning and writing about the past. During university, he specialised in drawing links between medieval and modern societies as he enjoys discovering similarities between different time-periods and cultures. In his spare time, Adam enjoys reading for knowledge and pleasure. He takes pleasure in the creativity and ingenuity of humans, both past and present. He is also a keen cricketer and attempts to play whenever the weather allows. Often, he has to explain cricket to those with no knowledge of it, with varying success.

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    Well Isn’t that the exact point of the last ice age maximum ? That could easily be explained by peoples getting wiped out by that difficult period, which some think happened very fast & unexpectedly. So because of that a much smaller population was left of Finns of the time ?

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