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    Maybe the spring had known properties, and maybe before the stone henge was built there was already a special place -constructed of wood instead ? – it had to be considered very special possibly a religious shrine for anyone to travel that kind of distance, unless it was a family meeting together ? But again we are beginning to realize that humans were not so different from us back then..look at what we are finding..Gobekli Tepe is 11,800 yrs old I believe..I really suspect that humans were in touch with each other just as we are..altho it took weeks or months to get from 1 place to another, it’s only a question of degree of travel time, rather like the difference from 1650 & now, it didn’t seem to stop anybody actually travelling…and the body discovered in the Alps – that guy was way up in the mountains, far away from villages..they travelled on foot or maybe had rough wheeled carts…maybe wheels were invented much further back then we realize also ?

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