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    Ora Stallard

    Nice article, I think that evolution is not correct and should not be promoted as the reason for change in flora and fauna. I think that intelligent design puts Darwin’s Origin of Species in the dust bin of time. The discovery of so many variations of primates bolsters the theory of intelligent design. Evolutionists have expounded that non- visible changes constitute evolution. For example the Coelacanth still looks as it did in the fossil record, but undetectable changes are somehow proof of its evolution. As we move forward in scientific study, there will be more changes in human history. Neanderthal is an example of changes in what we think, by the acvanancement of science.. At one time it was thought that Neanderthal became extinct when Cro Magnon came along and now there is evidence that the two coexisted. The same is likely true with this new monkey, that it coexisted with large primates.

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