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Daryl Worthington

Daryl has a Bachelor’s degree in History from Royal Holloway University of London. He has always had a strong interest in writing, particularly about history, politics, the environment or culture. Originally from London, he currently lives in Riga, Latvia. Alongside history he has a strong interest in environmental and political issues. He enjoys travelling, slowly learning how to speak Latvian and exploring the country’s distinct culture. His other passion is music. He has worked as a writer on the subject, as well as being a musician himself. Daryl is interested in cultural, social and political history. He is fascinated by the role of cultural objects, whether novels, visual arts, events, music or even a past society’s reading of history, as means to reflect on times and people. His particular period of interest is modern history and he is keenly interested in the relationship between mainstream and counter cultures.

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    Azad Dewani

    Actually, Kurds maintained certain level of autonomy under the Ottoman and Saffawi empires. There were will known Kurdish principalities like Bitlis, Botan, Baban, and Ardalan. The last one was Botan which was crushed by the Turkish empire in 1847.

    TO make it clearer, the nation states of Iraq and Syria were created by Great Britain and France in 1920-1921 and the rest of Kurdistan was engulfed in the newly established states of Turkey and Iran.

    Kurdistan or the area where Kurds live is located in the centre of the cradle of civilizations. For BC history of Kurdistan, in addition to Mede’s legacy, it is worth to read about the findings of Hurrians, Mitani, Lulubi, Gutti, Kasio Hititi and Soparto 7000-3000BC. On the histroy of Hurrians look at the website of http://www.urkesh.org/ by the International Institute for Mesopotamian Area Studies.

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