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    Chris Madsen

    Is there a memorial for Edith Frank, the girls’ mother, nearby? There is no hint of one in this photo, and it seems odd that Otto Frank would not place one next to this one. (I assume it was Otto Frank who placed this one.) Can anyone provide an answer? Since this one memorializes both Margot and Anne, this seems to be a family marker, not one connected to Anne’s diary per se, and there might be another for their mother.

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      Edith Frank died at Auschwitz. The daughters died at Belsen. The marker pictured is at Belsen. I don’t know if there is a marker specifically honoring Edith at Auschwitz.

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    Jim Przedzienkowski

    The term ‘Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp in Poland’ needs to be changed to make it historically correct. It was the German Nazis who established the Auschwitz (German name) camp on occupied Polish soil. The camp was not Polish as implied by comment. Please correct the oversight.

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      We do not believe that sentence implies anything of the sort. Your comment here can stand as testimony that the camp was not Polish.

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    It is pity to read that you are putting responsibility for WWII to Poland by writing ‘‘Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp in Poland’ . Not all readers must know that this is not true. There is nothing like that in beautiful Poland. You can find here only GERMAN NAZIS – horrible death camps which left after WWII. Those camps were created by German Nazis who murdered there many innocent people.

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