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    What is even more interesting is why humans focus so much on race. Race is a cultural illusion, an imposed cultural concept that is perpetuated only by a fear of ‘other’ and ‘difference’, and for political expediency.
    We are a genetic melting pot.
    Imagine how much more peaceful the planet would be if race were accepted to be a social construct in need of discarding.

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    “Remains studied from Southern Sweden were found to have the gene variants responsible for lighter skin and blonde hair as far back as 7,700 years ago, indicating the inhabitants of Northern Europe had light skin and eyes before the migration from the Near East.” My question is where did these people get the gene variants from? Did this variation occur while they were possibly an isolated group after their arrival from Africa at a much earlier date and developed these variants on their own, perhaps because of climatic adaption? Was there perhaps a separate migration by small groups from the Near East along a northern European corridor after the end of the last ice age?

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