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    “At its height, the Roman Empire stretched far and wide across the Mediterranean … and a new archaeological find in a 2,000 year old grave in Ethiopia has highlighted once again how much influence the empire had at its zenith.”
    So did Axum influence the empire.

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    Enzo Medici

    “A research team of a dozen experts led by former British Museum curator Louise Schofield toiled for six long weeks to unearth the burial site.” …and yet apparently, no one even had an iphone to take some pictures. An amazing find and all we got is one photo of a coin.

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    amdom haftu

    i think the post tried to magnify the already magnied, much-told & much-documented influence of the roman empire neglecting that of the other trade partner of the then rome, axum. it is only news that axum, located in the least developed continent and country now, had been a peer empire to rome with almost all of its mystry to be disclosed in the future. rome is rome. much has been said about it. we already know alot about it. what z world do not know is about axum. the explorers of this finding also said they found iron works which rome could have got in return. the history of the ancient world belongs to all of us regardless of citizenship race or religion.

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