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    John France

    It appears to me that, the further back in time, within the limits of specifically “human” development, we make our inquiries, the more sensitive our ancestors appear to be to their environment. This indicates to me that the ancestors were more, not less, able to create environments specific to their needs. Therefore it seems likely that, and this seems prevalent particularly in the use of materials, such as stone, in periods which we have retrospectively identified as “stone ages” (not always the same period of linear time for every culture), in order to encourage a unique cultural resonance regarding their contemporary psychological/spiritual relationship to death, they recognized and used the sounds and vibrations from stone artifacts to induce a state of mind (presence/being) to bring themselves into a more sympathetic harmonization with the event of the death of one of their own cultural understandings about the meaning of death (and life). Perhaps an easier conception of this would be that of singing hymns or chanting a mantra in order to quite consciously enter a more intimate and synchronous association with the relationship of life and death.

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