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    Michael Diehl

    …And this fact would be a surprise given the history of Humans on the planet…

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    Petr Jandacek

    My interests are parallel to the writings of David DeMar. Perhaps he knows some Anglo Saxon words like SŁəŋ, or words for “elephant” before the loans from Greek-Sudanese via Norman “ELEPHANT”contaminated the tongue of Beowulf.
    SŁəŋ was apparently the PALEOLITHIC TRANS-EURASIAN word for “ELEPHANT” at a time when most economy was based on the MAMMOTH and the Tusks/Ivory, Bones, Skins, Flesh, Fats, Wools, Dung and other resources of the giant creature. Like petroleum today, commerce 10,000 to 20,000 years ago was based on the elephantine products and exploration. Mammoth tusks provided the nearest thing to metals and plastics before the chalcolithic. Jewelry, beads for wampum trade, sculpture (Venus Figurines), religious items and other objects of value adorned the living and the dead. Mammoth bones and tusks were used for igloo-like dwellings covered by SŁəŋ skins and heated and lit by flaming mammoth blubber. Mammoth shoulder-blades were lids to sarcophagi. Dried dung was fuel and smoldering mosquito repellent. It was also dog food for coprophagous canines.  “SŁəŋ” is preserved as “SLONN’ in the tongue of the Sámi of Lapland, ZILONis in Latvian, Słoń in Polish, Slon in all of the other Slavic languages and variants of SIOŋ, Saŋ, Čaŋ, Zaan, maSan, Zo etc in Asia. After publishing two papers I did additional field-research in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and especially in Thailand with living elephants. These are the  results of my fieldwork in South East Asia and additional theories about Mythological Elephantine ogresses such as TSONoqua (tSONOsQUAW) – слониха – in America. The Lithuanian word for “Elephant” is “DRAMBLYS” and the Cambodian (Khmer) word for “Elephant” is “DAMbREY”.  More compelling is the fact that in a continuum from Lapland to Thailand the word for “Elephant” is some form of  “SŁəŋ”.   I would like to share my extensive studies re: SŁəŋ
    with David DeMar

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