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A part time Literature student at University of the West Indies, Taneicha L is a fulltime freelance writer, and part owner of La Belle’s Gift Shop. She has written for more than eight years and writes articles focused on history, literature, women’s issues, parenting, DIY tips and tricks, life hacks, etc. Working from her home in the very cool hills of St Andrew, Jamaica (a few miles outside Kingston), she spends her days in her home office, balancing being a parent of three boys, writing, managing her gift shop and embarking on DIY projects in home improvement techniques, gardening and craft. She is currently creating a DIY home building and décor series based on her own experiences and hobbies. “It amazes me how quickly and how easily a simple discovery in the modern world can point back to an ancient time that is so different from today’s world. Whether it is the discovery of an ancient city or the unearthing of relics that gives insights to ancient civilization, anything that demonstrates how humans have evolved will always intrigues me. Often I am on a hike and wondering who had walked this very path, thousands of years ago.”

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