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Irina Slav

Irina has a BA in English literature and linguistics from Sofia University and is definitely more partial to the former than the latter. She spent ten years working in the news industry, most of them specialising in business and finance. Convinced that there is much more to life than reporting on financial results and analysing the latest trends in mining or oil, she decided to start freelancing full time, writing on a host of fascinating topics, from gender equality to 3D printing. Although she did two years of Modern History in college, taking a special interest in the Middle East, she is much more interested in ancient civilizations, in how people used to live thousands of years ago, and how far we’ve gone since then. Or maybe not so far. When she’s not writing articles she indulges in her reading addiction, preferably against a music background, writes fantasy short stories, and does jigsaw puzzles with her four-year-old daughter.

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    No picture that actually shows the size of the skull?

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    An article without a picture of the topic is short sighted as is most of this article. To suggest, nay, print that ” the arrival of H.sapiens some 55,000 years ago,” is laughable. H.sapiens has been all over the planet far longer than that and more and more evidence is showing all the time…. to print that we arrived 55,000 years ago is right in there with “the earth is only 40,000 year old”,,,! It is fashionable to believe that science knows it all and what science doesn’t know religion does. These are both so very lame…. unless of course one chooses to live in a cave and be fed mushrooms. Sadly too many journalists are afraid to suggest the truth about most anything… and so we the awakening public must discern what is printed and what is reality. Thanks for the heads up on the fishermen’s find.

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    Interesting story, but no picture makes it questionable.
    Would love to see a follow-up when a photo or better yet a video is available showing scale.

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