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    The ancient people who lived there millennia ago were not Chinese and were different from modern Chinese. Many Dynasties of China were not Han-Chinese either such as the Manchu, Mongol etc.
    China doesn’t have one continuous history, there lived many different groups and cultures in that geographic area.

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    Adam, the only Chinese history that counts occurred over the last 66 years.

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    I think this has more impact on worldview history then “Chinese history”.

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    Comparing Mongols and Han Chinese is like comparing Greeks and Swedes. One is Chinese civilization, the other European. Ignorance is bliss. Back to the caves you two!

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    Funny how people tend to see Greek, Roman, Russian etc as one European civilization but Mongol and Han Chinese.. no that’s totally different! Hilarious. In reality, these people can’t even distinguish the two. Plain racism.

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    rapid desertification = global warming

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