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    Matthew Jackman

    Could have been buried a thousand years before columbus

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      Husband of Moonlight

      As a Native American; IT HAS BEEN MY OBSERVATION THAT SO MANY PROFESSIONALS ARE WILLING TO ADHERE and most often absurd and ridiculous how often so many people deny the true antiquity of Native America. The one question that would best be applied to this ridiculous article is WHERE is the recorded information that reveals that the “Chinese” had “nautical technology” that would have allowed them to “sail” to this continent in vessels that predated any others which would allow them access to the continent of the ‘Americas’—-long before anyone else did.
      This is just as absurd as the Mormon assertion that the Native Americans are a ‘lost tribe of Israel’……………which in reality is yet one more attempt to discredit Native American antiquity which has been recognized now to be at least 15 THOUSAND YEARS OLD.

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