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    Peter Kinnon

    This is an interesting concept. In my writings I consistently emphasize the role which belligerence has played in the evolution of we snout-less apes and of the technology which subsequently emerged therefrom.
    However, I have been at a loss to definitively identify direct adaptive advantages that would enable the emergence of this trait.
    Spilkins suggestion may well be a piece of this puzzle.

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      She has it a nail on the head. Every human organization — including religious ones, and perhaps especially religious ones where matters of conscience are expected to be inviolable — experiences these times of betrayal of trust and fear of reprisal. The amazing number of Christian denominations, each an offshoot of another denomination claiming to have an exclusive corner on truth, is a prime example. Even within denominations, while ideally new parishes are started by groups sent out in love, far too often they are the result of a group within an existing parish feeling betrayed and needing to distance themselves from their original parish…

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