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    “[. . . ] and lived somewhere between 3700 CE and 3600 CE.”
    How is this possible? Once again someone has screwed up the data. Perhaps if we stuck to AD/BC, as the author did in her bio, these mistakes in “scientific” papers wouldn’t occur as often.

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    Charlotte Wilson

    3,700 BCE is not very old. And furthermore being buried alone would show this or several humans were more respected, egro more advanced rather than being thrown into a large whole as in a community burial – that is not advanced.

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      Trevor Watkins

      I don’t understand. Why do you think that 3,700 BCE is “not very old”? It is the sort of date that other megalithic tombs have produced, so it is neither older or younger than might be expected. And I also do not understand why being buried alone would be more “advanced”, or that the individual was “more respected”. There are a lot of people who have been buried in Westminster Abbey, for example, where they form a sort of community of the people most highly respected by the nation.

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