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    marc verhaegen

    Very interesting information, thanks, but I don’t think afarensis was “surprisingly adaptable”, IMO only normally adaptable. Like all australopiths AFAWK (e.g. K.Reed 1997 JHE 32:289), the Kantis fossils were found in swamp forests or wetlands (giant otters, plenty of hippos, bird fauna as in other australopith sites I guess incl. anhingas & other waterbirds), where they waded bipedally & climbed vertically, IMO comparable to bonobos wading in forest swamps (google: bonobo wading), although Kantis seems to have been more open than many other afarensis milieus.
    Comparative evidence suggests that Lucy & other australopiths have less to do with “early humans” than with African ape evolution: most humanlike features in australopiths are not derived in the human direction as traditionally believed, but are primitive, e.g. gorillas & chimps probably had more vertical ancestors (google: aquarboreal).

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