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    What a load of rubbish, another Science Theory. There is so much more to this, they have been found in Ice and around the North Pole the great many tusks. this is a natural action that takes place as the earth travels around the Sun and the orbit changes 20 minutes each year causing over a great many years to either be very hot in one hemisphere and extremely cold in the other. It is in this orbit that we have extreme changes in weather such as cyclones, tornados, blizzards and perfect days. When science goes back to the fundamentals where it gets extremely hot (due to closeness to the Sun) the Cold will come rushing in from the opposite pole. One week we have Scientists claiming Climate Change, Heating and the next week we have another group claiming an Ice Age. I feel sorry for these men and women who have for that many years claimed things and are proved wrong. On the movie screens more that 50 years ago we were told we were coming into an ice age, same theory, no action.

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    David Bofinger

    Does anyone know when humans arrived in America? The 13000 date quoted is I assume the Clovis horizon; the evidence from before the Clovis horizon is patchy but most seem to believe there were at least a few humans around earlier. Who knows what they managed to kill.
    While climate change may have caused lots of extinctions at the species level, at a higher taxonomic level the pattern is that previous environmental changes only led to species churn with large clades surviving. But after humans arrived many of those larger clades went extinct – all the ground sloths, all the horses, all the terror birds, etc..

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