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    Shel Silver

    There’s a wild card in this demographic deck–other pre-historic migration routes & groups, whose existence is (still) speculative, but for which the evidence is suggestive in ways that for decades have preceded eventual corroboration, & that retrospectively, at least, often seem inevitable. For example, the submersion of the Western Hemisphere’s Pacific coast–now being partially reversed–combined with the striking presence of otherwise anomalous Asian & Oceanic technology, like chickens in Peru & outrigger canoes in California, suggests, either other, non-Beringerian, (possibly older) coastal migrations &/or more directly trans-Pacific events, that alone or in combination, might have superseded some of the extinct & missing lineages. Moreover, & more fundamentalally, poorly explored structures in the heart of Amazonia’s rain forests, hint at major agricultural developments more than 20K years old. Should these prove authentic, they might indicate Atlantic migration routes & even temporal origins contemporary with those of Austronesia…

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