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    peter stratton

    Do I have this right?: 37,000 years ago a population of hunter gatherers were established in much of Europe.

    33,000 years ago was the height of the last ice age; many of these hunter gatherers didn’t survive due to climatic conditions. Some of those that did survive did so by migrating to Refugia in SW Europe and other survived by migrating to Refugia in SE Europe.

    19,000 years ago as the ice age ended, relations of those hunter gatherers, that had earlier migrated to SW Europe, repopulated much of Europe.

    14,000 years ago, relations of those hunter gatherers that had earlier migrated to SE Europe, repopulated much of Europe and in the process displaced the hunter gatherers that had repopulated much of Europe 5,000 years before.

    These people from the SE were displaced by agriculturalists that migrated into and spread throughout Europe from the Fertile Crescent area of the middle east.

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