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    marc verhaegen

    Thanks for this. Neandertals lived in Doggerland: why not also in Danmark? The higher interglacial temperatures & sea-levels connecting the Baltic & North Seas, would not have prevented neandertals from getting in southern Scandinavia, to the contrary: neandertals are AFAIK always found in river valleys (beaver ponds, oxbow lakes, reedbeds etc.) or at coasts (Gibraltar, Spain, S-France, Italy, Greece etc.). Their anatomy showed resemblances to freshwater as well as littoral mammals: moderate pachyosteosclerosis, large & wide bodies (shallow water), large frontal sinuses & projecting nostrils (wetland species), large lungs, platycephaly & platymeria (littoral), huge brains (aquatic or mixed diets incl.DHA). Traces of waterlilies in their dental plaque & of cattails on their tools have been found: most likely they lived around lakes & rivers, feeding on shallow aquatic & waterside foods, seasonally following the rivers to the coast (e.g. following salmon?), they seem to have spent some time diving in shallow waters & possibly spent more wading than walking on terra firma, google: econiche Homo.

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    Nils Sundqvist

    The last small ice age, with it’s receding km-thick ice, propably wiped out all traces of neanderthal, or other, presence of man. Nevertheless propable remains of neanderthals have been discovered in Finland in a deep and elevated cave, the only place capable of preserving stuff from the all grinding ice:

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