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    Timothy Furnish

    You DO realize that migrants from Asia to North America completely invalidates the term “NATIVE” Americans? Yet you continue to use it?!

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      If that’s the case then we can’t use the term native for any human population outside of the area where we first evolved.

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        Ryan Cordova

        It has literally nothing to do with the term “native” and everything to do with further dehumanizing a population that he knows his ancestors committed genocide against.
        If they weren’t even native to that land then how could he possibly feel bad for his ancestors having stolen it, strip mined it clean, and salted the Earth in their wake?
        Not to mention the babies whose heads were beaten against rocks in order for them to steal that land in the first place.



          The author is female and European and therefore neither her, nor her ancestors, have had any part in that.
          Nomenclature is hard for this issue. We do our best and try not to offend anyone, but it seems there is no one term for the indigenous people of the Americas which doesn’t offend somebody. That’s perhaps not surprising for such a diverse group of people, but in the absence of clear direction we would ask for some patience.

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